Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Home Style, Flexible, Light-filled workers cottage in Melbourne

You really don't need to have to big a space to make a stylish home.  This tiny ex workers cottage in Melbourne's suburb of Fitzroy has been renovated to allow for more of a light-filled, stylish home.  I particularly love the focus of the bluestone walls in some rooms and that they have been left uncovered as a nod to the home's past.

I really love those Mark Tuckey stools

Diesel furniture by Moroso in the living room

Stylish living & kitchen area


Meta Musings said...

it's beautiful! warm, inviting and interesting!

Anonymous said...

absolutely beautiful!

I'm a big fan of small spaces. Let's rephrase that, I'm a big fan of using well the space you have instead of wasting it on empty squares.

The Style Schedule said...

HI Meta Musings, welcome.

HI LLisa, I totally agree, use up every inch of space wisely and lots of storage, storage, storage (hidden storage that is!)

mady dooijes said...

what a lovely space. i agree you don't need to live in a big space. i grew up in europe and most places are a lot smaller than here in australia... have a wonderful day!

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