About Us

Welcome to The Style Schedule, we hope you enjoy the read.

With a combined background in Fashion Design & Interiors, Photography & Marketing, we're just a couple of gals that love an effortless style for the home and wardrobe.   

We are looking forward to adding to the mix with some original works (accessories & clothing) - hopefully sooner rather than later...so keep in touch! 

Every endeavour is made to attribute text and photos back to the source so please don't forget your Blog Etiquette and remember to link back to The Style Schedule if you're using any photos or text from here that have piqued your interest. Thanks.

We love the blogworld, and we'd really love to hear from you, so tell us your story, or something about your favourite thing to do or just feel free to leave a comment as you read on; email us at hellostyleschedule@gmail.com.


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