Friday, 14 September 2012

In The Schedule

Another week over and another fashion week comes to and end... but if you've missed anything don't  forget London Fashion week starts today - I trust there will be something there to tickle your fancy...

+  And speaking of tickling your fancy, an extravagant editorial featuring actress Jennifer Lawrence in the pages of WMag by one of my favourite photographers Tim Walker.  Feathers, tulle, embroidery and birds...

+ A short film by Chanel as an homage to Irwin Blumenfeld for their new release Rouge Allure range via Vogue fr here.

+  Take a look inside the design eye of Sydney's Pamela Makin and you will find bold graphic lines, contrasting palettes and tactile objects that have a rich patina-ed history from all corners of the world.  Featured in the latest issue of Est Magazine (here); you can also check out her website Les Interieurs.  Its a beautiful world!

+  I have a confession to make, I do own a little Bulgari... but if I could possibly add to it with a little something from these archived pieces... like say, that clutch on the bottom right?  (I'm not even going to ask for those emerald earrings attached to Liz Taylor!)    Pretty please... Take a look at more baubles here via The Coveteur.

+  I love the look of this latest Laduree offering in all it's whimsy and colour.  The perfect marriage of macaroons and the house of Lanvin - via DailyMail.

+  But if you can't get your hands on that box of goodies, I found this absolutely sweet macaroon hideaway in Melbourne!  Isn't that just so much easier?... mmmm I'm heading into the city this weekend and I think I  should visit La Belle Miette to check out their range of delicacies!

+  To all the mums.. if you're not partial to gender specific pinks and blues,  I found this range of unisex kids clothing so sweet - it's got a cool 60's feel that I really like!  Via ESPN here.  Isn't this guy so cute... just like a really young Alain Delon?  

+ To the travellers out there, if you're looking for a guide to Paris to keep with you on your trip to City of Lights and Lovers, then you must add this book My Little Paris to packing list for your travels, found via Bobochic here.  Gorgeous illustrations, the latest venues you must visit, maps of arrondisements and where to shop within them, oh a great video on how the idea came about - very cute.

+  And finally, just because you can't get front row at those pesky fashion shows now running, this is for you - UK label Topshop, has come up with this great way to integrate consumer, viewer, fan, budding designer into their upcoming London Show with customizing a live streaming of their show.  You can pick the colour of the outfit before it comes down - don't know how that's going to work but it says heaps about getting the customer involved and offering a new way of looking at fashion in these days of easily logging on and purchasing on-line without any interaction or much interest! What do you think?  (via Fashionologie).

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, let's keep those heels clicking down the runway this weekend! x


classiq said...

The Tim Walker editorial is beyond beautiful! Imagination, fantasy, great styling, the fashion photography I love. I have my eyes on the exact same clutch (is it too much too ask?). :) Now that little guy does look like a little Alain Delon (by the way, I watched one of his movies the other night, Les aventuriers - loved the clothes he wore and he, of course, was charming). I've seen the book My Little Paris and I found the idea very cute. Have a wonderful weekend, Helen!

C said...

The kids collection, the editorial and the book about Paris!!! SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!

Neda said...

This post is so full of my favorite things, I don't know where to begin. Lavin & Laduree- omg. Alain Delon is right-- I had to laugh because every time my mom sees a handsome man, boy or child, she compares him to Alain Delon even if they look nothing like him. :) Thanks for all the lovely weekend reading...have a great one, Helen! xx

Audrey said...

Oh my, i wish i wish i could say i own a Bulgari, or from any designer. And a macaroon store, mmmm yummy.
I hope your weekend was a good onexx

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