Friday, 25 January 2013

In The Schedule

The weekend's here and mine will be filled with a kiddie party, a long drive to the coast, dinner with friends, and some general laying about enjoying the weather.  Here's some links that I've stumbled on from this week's navigating... hope you enjoy.

+  I loved watching this video of Chanel atelier hard at work as they assemble four Haute Couture gowns shown earlier this week - needles at the ready girls?  View here at Fashionologie.

+ Have you been following Paris Haute Couture week this week?  Awash with colour, beading, applique, lace, feathers and everything in between, it's been a bit of an overload for me really.  I'm still sorting through a myriad of images that I've saved to my desktop (more of that next week!); but the one thing I did notice was aside from the big six houses, the lesser known names introduced their garments on noticeably older models - in this day and age - that's very out there isn't it?  More images via NY Mag..

And while were there, I loved the boldness, structure and architectural shapes and a mostly Black and/or White colour scheme at Stephane Rolland - view the video of the show here.

Stephane Rolland

Maurizio Galante

Adeline Andre

+  Glass Magazine gives us a rundown on the History of 'Resort' - is it really just a filler range for designers where they can experiment with colour and pattern and appear a little more frivolous as compared to the other 4 ranges they produce a year?

Dior Resort 2013

+  Love this 'before & after' view of celebrities that W magazine shows us.  It's what a bit of reality looks like amongst the glamour, a hair & make up person, and a publicist - see Kristen Stewart, Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillard through the lens of 'realist' Juergen Teller and then juxtaposed with a glamour shot from one of their archives.  I feel soooo much better!

Juergen Teller / Alas & Piggot

+  I loved this montage of 2013 Colour trends that I saw over at Anya Adores - Emerald and Violet - my perfect of perfect colours!  (okay so maybe not all at once - wait,,, why not?)

+ Finally it's a long weekend here (Australia Day), so I'm getting out my baking tin and looking to track down the best Lamington recipe (Lamington's being one of the unofficial, authentic Australian cakes - the other being a Pavlova!)  So when I stumbled across this website, DeliciousDelicious, where last year they ran a 'Reinvent the Lamington' competition - well I just had to take note of the Tiramisu Lamington and give it a whirl.   Don't worry loves, if you're not into coffee, I do have my handy and very authentic 'Family Circle' cookbook that does indeed include an (anything but!) basic lamington recipe too.  Someone put the kettle on...!

Photo DeliciousDelicious

Enjoy your weekend girls!  I'll have a drink for you all at tomorrow's dinner down by the coast...x


fashionsensitive said...

So you are with Daniel Craig....hmmmm, I forgive you :))) I am also very happy to see this amazing green as the color of 2013, there is nothing more beautiful that green (aaa, maybe purple :D). I only saw Chanel HC this week, it was not something very special, but I liked the feathers, as I mentioned also on my blog. I am into coffee, but not into coffee cakes, so basic lamington for me, please. Have a wonderful long weekend, Helen!

C said...

You had me with the picture of the Dior Resort collection. Not like I can use that red tulle skirt at owrk...but its soooo beautiful!!!!

classiq said...

I wasn't impressed with the couture shows at all. I can't help wondering: are all these collections the designers have to deliver in a year (too many in my opinion) affecting their creativity?
PS: I didn't even watch the tennis final. I didn't get the time it was scheduled for right and I missed it. I wish Murray won. :(

Audrey said...

Hello Helen, love the green!! it's such a good mix with a slight of pink. The last image, yummy!!! and so adorable.

Ps. Shopping for new clothes is never too late girl!!! no matter what kind of Season we have to deal now. I'm slightly into a Spring kinda thinking!! just a bit!!xx

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