Thursday, 24 January 2013


Sometimes (often), I like to find out about the person behind the brand, behind the luxe, behind the ad campaigns and the sparkles... 

I just watched this Pardon My French episode where Garance meets Stella McCartney for the first time right before the Stella McCartney Pre Fall 2013 showing.  Situated in Uptown Manhattan, the meeting is a casual interview with Stella talking about her life, her business and her ethics.  Surprisingly, it's a lovely sit down between two working women, talking about the juggle of life (Stella has 4 kids remember!).

She says that she ..."just wants to make women feel better about themselves"... and she knows what's it like to fit a changing body shape into different clothes (specifically 'boobs'); she talks about growing up in the country and going to school and aspiring to live in London and be a fashion designer; she mentions how she felt when she first came onto the scene and feeling not cool enough? (what hope have the rest of us got!???); she talks about her ethical stand on not using fur and leather for a garment in the brand and how difficult that is, but also how interesting it is to confront that challenge within this luxury, fashion industry; and my favourite, she mentions how there are several ladies in her company that are pregnant and if anything was happening at home that needed their attention, then by all means, drop the work and go home because nothing is more important than your health and family (I love that!).

Creative, Intelligent, Beautiful, Mother & Business Woman and such a beautiful spirit that comes across the screen (for me); I thoroughly enjoyed this interview - I think you might too.

Oh, and by the way, the setting for the Pre Fall showing (a relaxed party scene) saw models dressed in the Stella McCartney range sitting on the lounge and playing scrabble, or sipping champers from vintage champagne bowls, or being drawn by an illustrator, all whilst mingling with party goers, invited guests and celebrities - low key and cool all the way Stella!

(Notice the low-key jeans, black cami, and tailored blazer that she wears throughout the interview with the simple accessory of her wedding band.)

Can I have a job at Stella McCartney too?

View the interview here.

All images from Garance Dore, 'Pardon My French'


LatteLisa LisaHjalt said...

I thoroughly enjoyed that interview too and felt very inspired by her ethics. It was also nice to see the clothes moving in the video, it gave them a sense of life. Some of the outfits that I didn't exactly fall for when viewing the promotional photos looked so much better in the video.

Go Stella!

classiq said...

I haven't seen that video, but I've read many interviews with Stella and I like her life and design philosophy and the way she stands up for her beliefs. And I love the fact that she's a mother, wife and working woman, and such a cool one!
PS: have you been to any Australian Open matches? I haven't had time to watch any so far, I can not believe it!

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