Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Next season

The other night I was casting my mind forward into Autumn/Winter.   I know, the sun is still beating down on us here; my tan (freckles melding into each other to form a somewhat brownish layer) is only starting to now come good; and the 2nd pair of summer sandals that I bought at sale time haven't yet been taken out of the cupboard... but nonetheless, I started thinking about updating the wardrobe with some key pieces for the next season.  (In my defence, the seasons around here tend to sneak up on you when you least expect it!)

And wouldn't you know it, just as I hit enter on the keyboard, there it was - the early answer to Autumn/Winter - by Country Road.   Oh, CR what are you doing to me.  I only just spent a small fortune during the summer sale in 3 of your stores, and now you're teasing me with a new range of beautifully styled, subtle coloured chic pieces for my wardrobe, my kitchen and my mini me!  What's a girl to do!  (I knew they'd be onto Autumn about now - happens every year around the same time!)

As I was saving pieces onto my desktop (for further investigation!), a bootie here, a parka there, a pair of jeans for hubby, some t-shirts for the little one, more bistro mugs and tea-towels... I wondered when the catalogue would grace my mailbox.  Like a sign from above, there it was rolled up in my mailbox this morning.  Call it what you will, Destiny, Fate, or Synchronicity... I call it - a home full of Country Road stuff.

Here are just some of the pieces that caught my eye this time around (because there is always something that I can't resist!) -

Box Print Top / Geo Print Pant

Edel Queen Quilt Cover & Pillowcases/ Harve Cushion/ Sheet Set/
Jorda Basket/ Hut Large & Medium/ Calder 9 Wall Frame

Arch Sugar Bowl/ Cantina Tile Jar/ Tully Salad Servers/ Bistro Tile Mug/ Bistro Strata Bowl/
Luka Bowl/ Cantina Large Tile Jug

Grid Stitch Knit/ Tucked Skirt/ Claudia Ballets

Star Cosmetic Bags

Brooklyn Ankle Boot

Faye Hip Bag
Trench Coat


C said...

Loving the ballerinas and the cosmetic bags! ANd the ankle boots are so pretty! very Isabel Marant!

classiq said...

I like everything graphic lately, so I will take the black and white top and polka dot ballet flats and all the kitchenware too. :)

miss b said...

These are just the kind of prints I like and the trench would be perfect for spring as it's sure to be rainy in the UK!

Audrey said...

Lovely post. It's always fun/relax to muse about a new wardrobe, your home. Oh love the those ankle boots!! i saw a similar pair today during my lunch break walk in the city. Love the color!!!

(btw, in my previous comment i meant to say: not to soon!!! ahahhah, but you know what i mean Helen!)

fashionsensitive said...

I was fate, Helen! A girl can never refuse herself a beautiful item, right? I like the blue printed shirt, the black and white blouse, the handbag and the kitchen beauties!

fashionsensitive said...


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