Thursday, 31 January 2013

Home Style, A Sunny Small Sydneysider

I love the look of a cute terrace house - interesting arched windows, flowering shrub in the front yard set against the exposed natural patina of a historic home; a small narrow site that doesn't give much away from the front yard but then open the front door and enter into something else.  It's like a little treasure.

I found this beautiful modern home belonging to architect Simon Hanson exuding a natural warmth, set in a suburb of Sydney where double storey terraces are the norm and where architects are challenged to find space, light, and function all within quite restricted boundaries.

Yes, that's the view of the pool from the front yard!

Door's open...

So of course, the first thing to do is purchase the adjoining property and immediately double your width - but still, the depth of the home is only 9 metres (that's pretty tight!).  The key is to use full height seamless cabinetry on one wall in the kitchen to hide all your bits.  Fridge?  What fridge.. just include 3 low bar fridges fitted under the island bench - et voila!  More space.  Colour?  Add some bright yellow  & chartruese details on the beams, artwork and textiles for some added punch.

A Saarinen Tulip dining table and chairs give some modern glamour sitting atop the dark resin floor and the glossy cabinets reflect and inject light throughout.

The given - a sliding set of doors to let the outdoor in.  Again a seamless step to the outside.

A chic subtle touch in the Artemide wall mounted lamp and the Marimekko textile used as a shade on the window in the bedroom is also a eye catcher.

Greenery in the bathroom, add some Missoni towels and a Japanese soaker tub - and maybe some scented candles and you are in spa heaven.  I love the wall mounted lamp above the bath - unexpected.

The staircase ... form and function - the bottom half has concealed cupboards for more storage, where the top half is open to allow light and a sense of spaciousness.  

Aaah, the pool... limited space? - Well build an above ground pool and fence it off with glass panelling.   It meets safety standards and is also a great talking point - how cool is that!  

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classiq said...

That's what I call a well designed space. Love all the colour accents in the interior and the pool space. It doesn't give you the impression of limited space at all.

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