Friday, 1 February 2013

In The Schedule

It's been a short week for us and it's flown by - the weekend for me brings a kiddie party, friends to meet up with, a picnic, and if were lucky, some nicer weather here.

Here are few links I found earlier this week to share...

Photo Gregory Harris

+A great look at wearing jewellery in the city - rings, bangles, necklaces and general bling meant to be worn for a chic sophisticated lady about town.  No oversized coloured baubles here - just sleek and shiny all the way - How about those Balenciaga rings above!  View here via InterviewMagazine.

+  Cara Delevingne photographed with a Mediterranean flavour in Sicily by Mikael Jansson for WMagazine.  Dramatic, elegant, glamour settings- and the clothes aren't bad either.

Photo Patrick Demarchelier

+  I like the simplicity of these Post Modern inspired clothes which are currently having a bit of fashion moment (like early 90's Monastic when it usurped big shouldered Glamazon late 80's).   Simple palettes, barely there embellishment, minimalist cuts.  Is it a backlash from all the over the top, colour pop inspiration and glitz, glitter n feather gowns that we've seen coming down the runway last couple of seasons?  Just keeping it simple at InterviewMagazine.

+  I love this idea for storage in a tight spot... now how can I make one?  Great idea from WeekdayCarnival.

+ And finally, read how Isabella Rossellini did a favour for a friend and ended up with a modelling/acting career over 20 years.  Talk about being at the right place at the right time.  Isn't she just the most beautiful woman ever!?  (Of course, her heritage might have something to do it as well.)  Vogue talks Isabella and a few other celebrities about their 'first time' at Vogue.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend everyone ...


classiq said...

My heart beats a little faster whenever I see or hear the name Balenciaga (I doubt I'll feel the same about Balenciaga by Alexander Wang). I think I would have enjoyed that Cara Delevigne editorial more if her face didn't look like a baby doll's. I love that storage idea and that Vogue cover with Isabella, plus the Irving Penn photo of her. I'll have to read the Vogue feature later on. Have a great weekend, Helen!

fashionsensitive said...

I would love to read the "first time" articles in Vogue, Isabella is indeed an amazing woman. Bangles and cuffs are my latest obsession, like one of my friends said: "I need a third hand now :)))) to wear all my bracelets!" Have a lovely Monday, Helen! :*

Neda said...

Love you links as usual, Helen! I especially loved the editorial in Sicily-- so beautiful!!

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