Thursday, 23 August 2012

Silhouette and Shadow

Just as I was finishing this post, the storm clouds rolled in and skies got darker and darker - fitting really because I got lost in these beautiful images of monochromatic shapes, shadows and silhouettes.

I'm pretty sure Spring is around the corner right?


1 - Balenciaga Jacket & Skirt, Photo DanielJackson via US HarpersBazaar September2012
2- Alex Perry Carmelia dress
3- KateMoss photo TimWalker
4&5 - Editorial photo NikolayBiryukov for ElleUkraine via FGR
6 - Detail Lace & Hand Beaded Clutch photo TheStyleSchedule


classiq said...

That Balenciaga silhouette! I keep staring at it. :) And the Elle Ukraine photo, the next to last, is so beautiful!

C said...

I loooove these pics! The 4th pic is absolutely amazing! very much alike a Katie Ermilio dress I saw recently!

Audrey said...

Beautiful moody images Helen, and you've got me with the beaded clutch!

ps laughing about your last comment.

Hope the week is going well.

Sarah Klassen said...

These photographs are just gorgeous—oh my! Thank you so much for sharing…

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


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