Saturday, 20 April 2013

In The Schedule

What a lovely way to end the week... a beautiful sunny day, a shopping outing and a birthday!  It always bodes well when you have cake just after breakfast don't you think?

Here are my special links for this week -

+  A super looking ex - Super ... does that mean she's still super?  You bet... a fabulously inspiring swimsuit editorial with ageless Helena Christensen.  Yep, just because we share the same name, and because I had cake this morning, and because we're both nearly the same age... hey and I can see some faint lines on her forehead - that makes me feel sooo much better!  More images via FGR here.

+  Just loved this cute tea party setting on the Dior Kids website -.. again with the cakes!  I can't help it... the kids look adorable too.  Have a look here.

+ For the girl that has just about everything... a deck of Manolo Blahnik playing cards?  Gorgeous illustrated playing cards that Manolo gave as christmas presents last year to his friends (lucky Giovanna Battaglia) - these are fun don't you think?  I wonder if they come in fortune telling version as well?  Found via WMagazine.

+ If you're in Bath, England tomorrow onwards (21st April), venture into 'The Octagon' a former Georgian Chapel and once home to the Royal Photographic Society where a new exhibit will be held to commemorate the centenary of influential fashion photographer, Norman Parkinson.  Curated by Roland Mouret, the exhibit will include timeless images like the one above (The Art Of Travel, 1951) with lesser known works from the master whose "...aim was to take moving pictures with a still camera".  Wish it was a travelling exhibition.  Via Glass Magazine.

+ Remember when you could just wear a charm around your neck letting people know what star sign you were?  Well the focus shifts to your feet this time around with this beautiful suede Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Shoe collection.  What's your star sign?  Via FabSugar.

Portrait of the Marquise D'Antin by Jean Marc Nattier 1738 / Jennifer Lawrence Photo by Tim Walker W Mag Oct2012

+ And finally, how art inspires... I loved looking at these images of fashion photography against their original inspiration - gorgeous.  You might like some of these too.. via Stylelite here.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.... I'm off to finish up some of that cake in the fridge!

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