Friday, 18 November 2011

Perfect time for a holiday...Portugal

Taking six years to refurbish, Palacio Belmonte is the oldest palacio in Lisbon and was in the same family for 500 years (Earls of Belmonte)!  A hidden gem layered with history dating back to Roman times;  beautiful frescoes, original azulejos tiles, archives and letters from queens and kings of Portugal all discovered while refurbishing  this 11 'suite' accommodation.  One room uses the staircase of a Moorish tower.

Some rooms have terraces with views over the city to the river, many have views over the hotel's pool, many enjoy the sunrise and sunsets over the old quarter or Lisbon.  The Suites range in size from 30sqm to 162 sqm - and are named after Portugese notables (a writer, artist, philospher, traveller,  inventor or ecologist).

Have a drink in the cafe, relax by the pool, take a soak in your marble bathroom or sit outside on your patio and enjoy the sunshine, all the time knowing that you're breathing in a little bit of history and a distinct fusion of cultures.  A little piece of olde world magic where 'east meets west'.

Christian Louboutin loves the Palacio Belmonte for its “view from the terraces,
and the frescos"...


Anonymous said...

I just have one question: why am I not a member of the Earls of Belmonte family?!!

Audrey said...

Amazingly beautiful Helen, love the touch of yellow in the bedroom and the blue from the antique chair.

Have a great weekend!

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