Monday, 23 January 2012

Taking a dip

The weekend was absolutely gorgeous... you know, the typical Australian summer, lots of hot, baking sunshine, a slight breeze, and trying to find a shady tree somewhere.

And if you had a pool you would also look like this.   The beautiful Audrey Hepburn taking a dip in St Tropez in 1967 whilst filming Two For The Road.  Did you know she hated water (aha,.. something we have in common!!)

Another scorcher today, in fact all week - so I'm sending you nice cool water images (perhaps not to my northern hemisphere readers), but in any case, have a fantastic Monday.

photo Terry O'Neill


Glamour Drops said...

Well I have a pool - but it's not helping because I don't look like this! Haha! Wish I did though - it's a gorgeous image. Stay cool - I'm loving this burst of warm weather.

Anonymous said...

On Saturday I suggested to hubby to move to Australia and he didn't think it was a bad idea at all ;-)

I'm so jealous of your summer weather!

classiq said...

I thought that was Audrey! (I looked at the photo before reading your post) She is adorable! We had our first snow this winter on Saturday, but it's so sunny today and pretty warm and there is almost no trace of snow again. xo

Audrey said...

Helen, bring me some Sun girl!!!! enough water over here!!


Carla said...

How cheeky does Audrey look not at all like she does not like water..maybe that is the look "hurry up and get me out of here"!!
So jealous of the warmth a little homesick for summer.
Carla x

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