Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Home Style, Monochrome and Bright

(Aah, finally whilst I have my laptop back!...)

The sun is streaming in the back door and my place is flooded with light... so why not find inspiration from other similarly brightly lit, spacious homes right?  

Like this cute period home- neat, stylish, monochrome... hmmm sometimes I wonder whether there is a spare room with a giant padlock on it that the photographer doesn't capture (you know the place, where all the messy things are stored!)

I love the moulding details on ceiling and walls and that pendant light over the dining table is beautiful too.  And yes, that's concrete flooring you see; it's quite the effect don't you think?  With all these lovely designer pieces in one place, the concrete doesn't seem as cold and sterile at all- it actually looks like carpet in some shots.  Okay, so the styling has alot to do with it ... but I would love the chance to sit at that table with a massive inspiration wall behind me too!

More images via Elle Decoration UK


Audrey said...

ahaha yes, where the messy things are stored! you're right! Love the concrete!

Dear Helen, Thank you so very much!! such a lovely surprise today! of course I post about it right now!

Classiq said...

I find a monochromatic interior very inspiring. The beautiful chairs, spacious and bright space help too.

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