Friday, 13 September 2013

In The Schedule

My goodness, is it the weekend already?... so much to do and so little time; I've been saving these links on my desktop since last week (notice, no ITS last Friday!) and simply must put them all through in this massive bundle for the weekend.  As for me, I've got guests coming to Sunday lunch - a Mediterranean feast is the theme, so I'll be busy preparing, setting, freezing, rolling, and braising.  Wish me luck!

But you can sit down with a cuppa and click through some of these stories instead!...

+ A little bit other-wordly in this editorial at FGR by Paul de Luna.  Floaty, feminine, ethereal...and some prettiness.

+ I  know I'm not the only one waiting for the release of 'Mademoiselle C', the documentary on Carine Roitfeld and the making of her CR fashion book.  'A legend in her own time'... 'A true dreamer'... 'Lives for fashion'... statements from her contemporaries and friends from Tom Ford, Alber Elbaz, Ricardo Tisci, Karl Lagerfeld... truly a must for any fashionista.  See the trailer here via Fashionista.  She's quite unique I think.

+  Loved this vintage footage of fashion models from the 1950's ... 60 years old and still sporting, citrus brights, structured collars, oversized coats, and fabulous accessories - who says fashion is revolutionary!  View more here.

+ Glamour certainly does go a long way... here Cameron Diaz enlisted star designer Kelly Wearstler to steer her in the right direction when decorating her NY home, and what a home fit for a star this is.  Vibrant, bold, elegant, it's rather special with stunning architectural lighting and furniture.  View more via Elle Decor.

+  The cutest and coolest campaign featuring littlies and Karen Walker's new sunglasses range.  Stripes will take you anywhere won't they?  More images here via Vogue Aus.

+  It's the guy's turn... a '5 ways with' focus on Navy suits for the gents over at Mr Porter.  I'm quite partial to the bit where the model tries on the roll neck jumper!  Take a look for yourself ladies!

+ This weekend if you've got nothing booked and you're in Paris for a couple of days, you could be lucky enough to gain access to the Yves Saint Laurent headquarters, from meeting rooms, to atelier and behind the scenes, see an exhibition of iconic designs of the last century.  Pity I'm busy!  View details here via Vogue Fr.

+  And because it's New York Fashion Week, have a look at the sketches behind some of the designs walking down the runway here via The Fashion Spot.

+ And finally, it's nice to know that I share some beauty rules with Alexa Chung.  I am all for Lucas' Paw Paw creme as a lip balm and winged eyeliner has been part of my make up routine for years.  I feel so on trend now! More here via Vogue Aus.

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C said...

OOOOOh Id love to see the YSL HD!
What a shame....if only we could catch a plane...

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