Monday, 16 December 2013

Fashionable Flora

I spent a little time in my garden over the weekend, what with running around and locating christmas gifts and meeting two separate groups of friends for dinner (and bubbles!), I needed to find some stillness amongst the greenery of my backyard.  What a great way to recharge and enjoy a little bit of earthiness & flora!

Enjoying flora and style would be right up my alley you could say, so when I read about this project titled The Royal Botanic Runway, to be held on 30th January 2014 in Melbourne's Royal Botanical Gardens, I had to share the images.

The one night only event will be held to help raise funds for the final stage of the gardens' Water Strategy project.

Images of gorgeous gowns by the likes of Colette Dinnigan, Martin Grant, Aurelio Costarella & Akira Isogawa set against backdrops of giant sized flora.  Stunning aren't they?

Hope you got to enjoy some nature this weekend wherever you are?

Photos Justin Ridler
More info at The Royal Botanic Runway
Via Broadsheet

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Classiq said...

If I had a garden that's exactly where I would seek for relaxation. Have a wonderful week, Helen!

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