Thursday, 18 September 2014

Non Ageist Style... Part III

I just had to share this fabulous editorial from W Magazine that I spied today.

Featuring a range of celebrities, designers, models, actresses ranging in age from 20's to 70's I find that I'm drawn to the beauty of the ladies who inhabit the 40 plus era.

Stella McCartney with her magnetic gaze and gorgeous bangles adorning both arms; Carolina Herrera in her stunning spotted gown with her chic gamine hair style; the stunning Jaclyn Smith (ex Charlie's Angels) who I just watched on tv the other day and was marvelling at her skin and hair and then here I see her in this editorial... people she's 68!!; and Anjelica Huston quintessential old Hollywood and magnificent.  Okay, so I added Charlotte Casiraghi cos at 28 she seems so much older and she's just plain beautiful too.

Just like a family heirloom, these ladies certainly get better with age don't you think?

Bring it on!

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