Friday, 26 August 2011

Perfect time for a holiday....Italian Villa

Every year I bring up the option of going on an overseas holiday and renting a fabulous big country home in France, Italy or Greece and sharing the experience with a group of friends who also have young kids.  Having a big group of friends makes it easy when you want to go into town or out to dinner with just the hubby because there is always someone left at the house to look after all the kids right?  (In fact, I think I was just talking about this last weekend...!)

Anyway, imagine my excitement when I came across this post on French By Design.

Casa Olivi is a recently renovated XVIIIth century villa situated near the town of Treia in the Marche region (east of Florence).  There is room for 11 people, with 5 bathrooms, a pool, gorgeous interiors, and a beautiful stainless kitchen.  Okay so I need numbers... whose in?   More photos and bookings at the Casa Olivi website.

Dibs on the lounge at the top of this photo!

I can see myself with a Cinzano in hand right here...

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