Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Harpers Bazaar - Greatest Hits

This is my all time favourite magazine.  In fact, I have every copy of US Bazaar from about 1988 - thats every month for 20 odd years.  Well, the collection also has a few Vogue's and L'Officiel's and Elle's and then they expand into decor mags as well.  But for some reason although the other mags have come and gone (via the tearsheet department!- I won't even go there...) but, I've always stuck with US Bazaar.

They used to be filed by date in a bookcase but as you can imagine they got too heavy so now I only file the last 5 years worth and store the earlier ones (is that obsessive?)  I just love the photography, the styling, the fashion, the articles and the whole lot.

So now I am definitely going to add this hardcover to my collection.


Audrey said...

Obessive, no way!!!ha,ha ..I bought the sept issue of Vogue, pfff I´m done with it now, to many commercials. I´m curious about the Bazaar, have to buy a copy.

The Style Schedule said...

Yeah, I don't think its obsessive either (But my hubby does!!!) I know, there are always lots of ads in a Vogue, well, in every magazine come september issue. Plus its a good way to see the new styling and new direction of each designer when they do they're new ad campaigns I suppose.

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