Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Which room are you?... Dining Room II

Whether stylish urban or classic elegant, these dining rooms have one thing in common, a penchant for pendants!

Fabulous pendant lighting


classiq said...

LOVE the green chairs and the third interior (I would keep all the artworks propped against the walls rather than hanged on them, they look so much more interesting like that, especially if the floor is gorgeous). :)

Audrey said...

Hi Helen, let me work/eat/read in picture nr. 3.

Liz said...

I am defintley No 5.
Love the monochromatic pallette and the clean uncluttered lines.
Not sure if I have mastered the art of minimlaism in my own domain

Anonymous said...

I have that first photo on my Pinterest and I love that room. The ceiling is awesome!

Wonderful post.

The Style Schedule said...

Well I'll take No1 for the colour of the chairs and the ceiling and that artwork (looks like an old tapestry or old etching) or No3 for the detailed walls and fabulous large window.

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