Monday, 21 November 2011

Girl Panic- Duran Duran and the Supermodels

This is just about taken me back a few years - watching the new video for Duran Duran's 'Girl Panic'.  Shot at the Savoy in London, the video captures the glamourous life, glitz, red lips, stillettos, Dolce e Gabbana, champagne and rock n roll; it's a tongue in cheek view of the band's life on the road.

Whilst original bandmembers play reporters, porters, waiters, photographers the 'veteran supers' play the bandmembers - Naomi Campbell as Simon, Eva Herzigova as Nick Rhodes, Helena Christensen as Roger Taylor, Yasmin Le Bon as John Taylor and Cindy Crawford as Andy Taylor.   Can you believe the combined age of these gorgeous ladies is 214!  (Okay, so there's a reason why they were called 'supermodels'!)

Check out the video below - for your dose of Monday glitz n glamour.

And 22 years since Vogue featured the original 'supers' on the January 1990 cover (my copy is in storage)... Harpers Bazaar have gathered the 'supers' in the Girl Panic video for their December 2011 issue.  Wow, is Yasmin LeBon really 47 years old - Go girls!!  Am looking out for my copy in the mail.


LatteLisa said...

oh my, I remember the Duran Duran years ;-) Well, I had already seen this and it was fun.

By the way, in 2005 I went to Duran Duran concerts in Iceland and one month later I gave birth to our boy. I danced the whole time and told my friends that if I'd give birth at the concerts I'd name my son Simon ;-)

classiq said...

I love to see the supermodels back in action. It's great to see they are so active today too. And the cover is beautiful!

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