Thursday, 22 December 2011

I have a thing for....a sumptuous, sculptural sleeve

I've always loved an interesting sleeve; gathered, flounced, scalloped, elbow length, pleated, cuffed, Edwardian, or capped.  Something like the ones below...

Valentino Spring2007

Louis Vuitton

And I think I can trace it back to Lauren Bacall - sumptuous!  There is also a fabulous blouse Lauren wears in How to Marry a Millionaire when she's meeting JD in the unfurnished apartment for the first time but I can't locate a photo of that - it's absolutely sublime!  

Lauren Bacall & Gregory Peck in Designing Woman

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Meta Musings said...

oh yes, i agree! my fav is the Louis Vuitton!

happy holidays!


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