Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Non Ageist Style

One thing we have in common is growing older.  Its inevitable and I look forward to it (given the other option!)...But I do so love to see pictures of ladies that have 'aged' with style.  Stunning in their youth, now over 40 and still looking superb with 'effortless' style, a great haircut, and makeup to suit.  Some inspiration for all of us I think.

Although we can't all look like Claudia or Christy, it's finding a niche, our look, our essence and sticking to it I think, (just updated along the way).

As Carine says in W magazines' The Client " when she's trying on a range of clothing - "...its not me"... she's knows that although the blazer is gorgeous, it's just not suited to her.   It's that knowledge and intuition that we can now tap into, with 'age'.  (I found the link via Ada's fabulous blog! - thanks Ada.)

Claudia Schiffer (41)

Christy Turlington (42)

Emmanuelle Alt (44)

Collette Dinnigan (46)

Ines de la Fressange (54)

Carine Roitfeld (57)
Anna Wintour (62)

Ellen Barkin (56)

Alberta Ferretti (62)

Meryl Streep (62)

Vera Wang (62)

Diane Von Furstenberg (64)

Carolina Herrera (72)

Lee Radziwill (72)

the Gorgeous Joyce (80)


Liz said...

Thank you for the fabulous inspiration. Its always good to remember to be true to ourselves. We don't need botox, face lifts, fake tans and teeth. Age gracefully accept who you are and you will shine from within.

Meta Musings said...

Meryl Streep is that old...No! She looks so amazing! I love Christy Turlington...she is so unbelievable effortlessly beautiful!

Great post!


classiq said...

What a wonderful post! I've been thinking of a similar post as well, sharing the ageless style of some incredible ladies I admire and respect. These fabulous women know how to get old gracefully. Thank you for your kind mention. :)

The Style Schedule said...

Thanks Ladies; glad you enjoyed the post - I had many more faces to add but had to edit it down!

Liz- I thought of our chat about the young girls photographed in the Sartoralist!

Chantal - Christy Turlington was always my most fave super (you know, when you had to pick a fave!)

Ada- Glad you liked the read; I look forward to reading your post too! With pleasure.

PS: but wait, there's more interesting stuff to read tomorrow!

C said...

What a fabulous post!
This is precisely what I miss the most in Fashion magazines! Like there was nothing for women after 40's?
Absolutely wonderful!

The Style Schedule said...

thanks C; welcome!


Anonymous said...

fabulous! I love love love the last one. I want to be like her when I'm 80!

Audrey said...

Beautiful post, well done Helen. I didn't knew Vera Wang is 62!! all these ladies looking good at they're on way.

Anonymous said...

Glamour, sophistication and strength - that's what I find in these women. How inspirational of you to put such a group together. The world may go gooey eyed over the new 17-year old "IT" girl, but I'm with you: beauty is ageless.

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