Monday, 5 December 2011

Xmas Gift giving - Babies/Nurseries

Its officially Christmas shopping time - the lists have been thought about, jotted down and highlighted; the web has been scoured and the shops have been under reconaissance for a while now - so I thought I would schedule a top 5 gift list post each day this week with just a few of the beautiful things that I have stumbled upon.

Today we'll start with gifts for babies and their nurseries.  And boy was it difficult to cull the list to top 5 only!  But these gorgeous items just jumped out at me (don't you just love internet shopping!)

Will you be hitting the stores and shopping centres or will do your shopping via the net?  Coming up tomorrow - bigger kids top 5!


Audrey said...

Oh these booties so cute!! would love to have them for myself, ha!!
Have a nice day Helen


Sarah Klassen said...

I am DEFINITELY including this post in my upcoming "Monday's finds" post... love the ideas!

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