Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The eyes have it...

Shimmering, iridescent, smouldering, wing-tipped, flicks, and smudges were de rigeur at the recent runway shows overseas.  Like shining stars on those fabulous luminous faces, the eyes were the focus for winter.

Are you a eye smudge or a bold lip girl?  Or do you dabble in lash extensions?

I tend to always focus on the eyes whether a black kohl, or a purple pencil or and indigo liquid eyeliner - its just my go to look (and more subtle brown smudgy for day).  But always lots of mascara (coloured or otherwise).  And one day I'd like to try some lash extensions - I've seen a couple of friends in the last few weeks who have them and they look amazing.  But for now I'll stick to my Dior Violet Precieux 893 or Chanel Brun Cuivre 66 and Nina Ricci 04 Indigo mascara.  Once I find something that I like I tend to stick to it for ages (like really ages) because I can't be bothered to try and find something else that suits.  (So anti fashion isn't it?)

Some colourful looks from the runways - I love the look at Stella McCartney and Roberto Cavalli (albeit a little toned down!)  Which look suits you?

1, 2, 4 via glamour / 3, 5, 8 via style / 6, 7 via harpersbazaar

And some early inspiration perhaps?

Linda Evangelista for MAC / Dovima photographed by Avedon / Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra /
Keira Knightly via Vogue aus / Duran Duran / Jennifer Lopez via Vogue aus

PS:  Inspiration is a funny thing - This whole post came about because of Duran Duran and their fantastic concert last night in Melbourne - and they did master the art of eyeliner in the early 80's! Just brilliant.


C said...

Certain looks are so dramatic! Isnt it amazing how much it changes the face of a woman with a bit of eye make up?
Good morning!!!!!!!!!!!

classiq said...

Inspiration comes from the most unexpected things. I've always focused on the eyes. I sometimes like to try a bright coloured lipstick, a burgundy red more likely than intense red, because it suits my skin tone better. But lately I've been wearing very light, natural looking make-up, just mascara, a little blush and a soft pink lipstick. xo

Neda said...

Duran Duran?! How fun...I would love to see them in concert again! I actually like a lot of these looks but especially Jennifer Lopez's eye make-up in the last picture- gorgeous!

Audrey said...

The blue mascara at stella mccartney, love this!


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