Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Black & White

Barbara Mullen, Eiffel Tower / Lillian Bassman / c. 1950's

I just love this image taken by Lillian Bassman in all its ethereal, moody, magical beauty.  The 'over-exposed-ness' (is that a word?) of the tips of the fingers and hand and how they magically appear to cling to the sheerness of that lovely gown.  The Black & White film of course lends it a dreamlike quality and a surrealist aesthetic that speaks to me.  Okay so the whole 1950's fashion thing is also like a beacon for me - not to mention the Eiffel Tower in the background!

Lillian worked through the ranks and became Art Director at Harpers Bazaar, whilst still ranking alongside legends Richard Avedon and Irving Penn- that's pretty cool in itself for a working woman doing her thing in the 50's/60's!  In the 1970's she focussed on her artistic pursuits rather than commercial images and created abstract imagery from simple tools such as vegetables and sidewalk cracks.  She passed away in February earlier this year.

If you're in Los Angeles before 9th June, an exhibition of her work will be held at Peter Fetterman Gallery - I'd love to be able to see these images up close.  More images via Stylelist - just stunning!


classiq said...

Stunning capture. Ethereal. B&W photography has the ability to capture emotions the way colour photography never will. This goes for black and white films as well. xo
PS: we are definitely on the same wavelength this week and I would love to see that Givenchy black and white scarf :)

C said...

What a incredible beautiful picture!!
I'll check amazon out and see if I can find something about her!
Thanks sweetie!!!!!

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