Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Tree Change

Are you a tree change or a sea change type of person?    If you were able to leave your home in the city and pick somewhere to live, create, grow and flourish would it be by the sea or amongst the trees?

Ideally I would pick amongst the trees not far from the sea (or with sea views in the distance)!  I would want it to have so much space and light and quiet so as to revive & nourish me and also a wonderful space to create and work from.  The whole working from home thing is ideal for me.  So when I read this interview with Shannon Fricke (stylist, interior designer, author, tv presenter, homewares designer, blogger) via The Design Files over the weekend, I was instantly struck with envy.

Situated in the Byron Bay hinterland in NSW, Shannon works and lives on this farm which of course has been updated and decorated in a true Australian relaxed style where colour and light dance alongside each other beautifully.

A fabulous studio area filled with bright natural light is where Shannon works on her new homewares range, writes her blog from, meets with her staff, and generally creates from.  Workshops are also run from this studio space, so if you're interested and able to get there, Styling 101 would be my pick - imagine having your creativity inspired in this unique country setting.  I've seriously been coveting the studio space all weekend!

Shannon's website is absolutely gorgeous too - check out the bedlinen and range of ceramics; order the latest book, 'How To Decorate'; check out Shannon's blog; view some of Shannon's Design work and portfolio or book yourself in for a workshop.   (The 'Forever and Ever' Throw is my favourite.)

Shannon in her studio workspace / Image from Shannon's design portfolio / Image of the new bedlinen range


C said...

Wow! im jelous too!
My ideal home has also trees everywhere and the ocean at a reasonable distance! If only I won the lottery next friday! LOL!

classiq said...

I would also pick a tree area with the sea in the distance. :) What a beautiful home! The colour palette is gorgeous, light, but colourful enough to make it such a lively place, perfect for living in and for work as well. I would love to have a studio like that one. I will make sure to read the interview too when I have a few minutes. :)

Thea vintage said...

I think I am a sea kind of gal! My family have a summerhouse in the swedish archipelago and I have been there since I was small. The ocean always make me feel at home.

Neda said...

Gorgeous kitchen. I'd love to have the trees with an ocean view. I actually don't like the sound of the ocean coming into my house at night so I'd be happy to be a few miles away. :)

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