Thursday, 8 November 2012

Home Style, Manhattan Neutral Base

Okay, so everything neutral is always fashionable, but add touches of chartreuse, lemon, pink and metallics and suddenly everything seems fresh and new!

I quite like this easy on the eye Manhattan apartment which has been decorated in a neutral palette of warm sandy beiges, taupes, creams; and then suddenly a sprinkling of paprika, rust, bronze and lime jump out at you from the floor, the shelves and the walls.  And wow,... the kitchen... I love the metallic bronze finish on the cupboards (we're not talking cleanability here people!).

The motto... always add a little zing to your neutrals!  (That also goes with your High street buys...)

A quiet spot for writing

Love that colourful Steven Miller painting


C said...

Thats just perfect! Im totally moving there!
And that kitchen is to die for!
Where do you fins such great places?

classiq said...

i like that niche in the bedroom wall. Will keep that in mind. :)

Audrey said...

Ah yes, i love a bit of shine in the kitchen or at any place. This is beautiful. The living room, loving the side tables, great details over here! I hope you having a great week so far Helen!x

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