Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Something In The Post (2)

I received a parcel last week and was very excited to find it was the giveaway gift I won earlier this year from Rachel's Little Bits of Lovely blog - The prize was a $150 voucher from Vision Direct who stock a huge range of designer sunglasses & glasses (and I mean huge!).

And sunnies... wow, I mean I looooove new sunnies (who doesn't).  So how do you select a pair sunglasses online? Just stick to the basics - your favourite colour, your favourite shape for your face and a classic style - you can't go wrong.  So the black oversized Givenchy's were the go... and I am very happy with the choice.

Let's not mention it took me a few weeks to narrow down the choice..  first there was the Chloe pair the Pradas, then the YSL pair and the Tom Ford's... - spoilt for choice!

Thanks to Rachel at Little Bits of Lovely and to Bradley at Vision Direct for all your help in getting the prize sorted and sent out to me.

Now I just have to team the stylish pair of sunnies with a new bootie, like those Balenciaga open toed with the pink flounce detail below, and off I go!

Do you love sunnies as much as I do?  What do you wear, do tell?

Illustrations by me Balenciaga by Nicholas Ghesquiere shoe from Netaporter
Givenchy sunglasses from Vision Direct


C said...

woooow! huge gift!
Im in need of a pair of sunnies myself too! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your win and on your new sunglasses.

I'm such a conservative when it comes to sunglasses because I need prescription glasses when driving, so I want my sunglasses to have prescription glasses. I have been using dark olive green ones by Elizabeth Arden for quite some time now. I fell flat for black Tom Ford's last year but the price with prescriptions glasses was just a little too much for my budget - damn!

Audrey said...

Congratulations Helen with this gift! such a big one!!
I always telling to myself you need a new one, but somehow I always seems "to forget" to buy it.
Love the one you choose! for myself I like the classic one and this year I go for it.

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