Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Resort for my day to day

Got a chance to catch up on the Resort 2014 images earlier today; what an assortment!  They say the Resort ranges are where the dollars are because the designers offer pieces that are wearable for work, play, and going out.  Well I must agree... where the Spring/Summer and Fall ranges are about pushing the boundaries, and Haute Couture is about artisan craftsmanship and fantasy, Resort is about the everyday - going to work, going to dinner, getting on with your life (albeit with a bit of a price tag.. but it's the inspiration here that counts).

Well there were several 'wearable' pieces or inspiration for me - most notably from Marni, Michael van der Ham, Burberry and Chloe.   Oh, there were other pieces as well (the blue double breasted suit from Louis Vuitton (so chic!) or the red military look jacket from Valentino or all the shoes at Proenza Schouler or the beautifully beaded dresses at Valentino; but the five labels below (and particularly these looks), hold for me, a key to my persona... at work, at play, meaning business and feeling relaxed.

All neat, clean silhouettes, elegant lines and crisp fabric.  Really simple shapes, nothing too fancy or fussy; basically a monochromatic palette (which is great when mixing and matching separates); and details which enhance, whether a trim, a hem or a cuff.

And one thing that stands out when I look at these ranges is the word 'modesty' - ooooh, how an old fashioned word can seem so elegant!  There's barely a cleavage or thigh visible, yet these images below ooze Chic and Style.

I like...

Marni - love this silhouette and these shoes

Michael Van Der Ham - Love this dress and Yay for kitten heels!

Burberry Prosum - enough said!

Chloe - the cut of this jacket and the hem of these pants! sublime!!

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Classiq said...

I haven't followed the Resort collections, just a few. There were a few pieces at Nina Ricci that I fell in love with.

Liz said...

Love that Marni look and the sensible heels. Yeah for sensible heels!!!

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