Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Individual Beauties

I just loved these images of original 'Supers' Linda, Naomi, Christy along with Stephanie, Kate, Amber and Daria as 'covers' of Interview magazine.

Although these ladies have been blessed with bone structure, height, slimness, a variety of designer clothing, and a slew of therapists to cleanse, tone, pummel and stroke their skin into the luminescence we see here, it goes to show, maintenance goes a long way.

For me, these images inspire strength, beauty, individuality, boldness and truth; badges for every woman to take on their daily over 40 year old journey.

All images via InterviewMagazine


Reply to B said...

Yes they are ammmmmazing!
Love always all your posts... Keep on!

Classiq said...

Beautiful at any stage.

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