Thursday, 9 October 2014

Perfect Time For A Holiday... Southern Turkey

While I was enjoying a gorgeous afternoon out in garden today, I put my thoughts forward to the sunny days that we have ahead of us with warm weather.  Then I stumbled upon this beautiful holiday spot in an Aegean town in Southern was perfect timing.

Reach out and you can almost feel the cool of the swimming pool below.  Six historic houses make up the Alavya Hotel, each in a different style, with 25 rooms facing the pool.  A rustic garden of fruit, mulberry and olive trees, a spa, a fitness center, a yoga space, a yacht for hire and apparently a great restaurant with a popular cheesecake made with local cheese.  Mmmm, did someone say cheesecake?

Outside, the perfect mix of pastel pink render, delicate steel balustrades, sea blue window frames and low walls made of local stones.  Inside, an eclectic mix of rugs, warm rustic terracotta palettes, detailed walls, relaxing divans, low side tables and artisan handiwork.  I love that glass pendant hanging the sitting room below.

I'm just reminded of that 'Serenity Now' catchphrase from Seinfeld... and leave the angst behind!

Via Alayva

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