Monday, 26 November 2012

The Journey or the Destination?

Is it the journey you relish or the final destination?

With my very impatient character I would quite often say let's get to the final destination pronto.  I'm one of those people who is thinking 'are we there yet?' at the beginning of every endeavour and that goes for all of life's decisions for me.

But creative-wise... well that's another story - its definitely the journey!  When I'm designing, creating, making jewellery, cooking or painting; it's all about staying calm and enjoying the process.  Then I put all my energy totally on what's in front of me, don't talk to me, don't interrupt me, don't ring on the phone or knock on the door, focus, collect, collate, admire and sort through all the pieces I need and then take a deep breath and begin the journey.  Sometimes this steady and measured approach tends to lead to procrastination, before a final burst of impatience shows up - and voila everything is done in the eleventh hour!

And that's why I love looking at images about the journey.  Like these intriguing shots I found via Vanity Fair of the making of one of Dior's haute couture gowns in subtle rose pink mousseline which made it to the runway at the last Haute Couture show.

The fabric, cut in strips & 'fringed' just so (do you know how long that would take? I do!), then every exacting strip is stitched by hand onto the base garment (do you know how long that would take? I do!).  And although alot of people thought that show to be too 'minimal' for a Dior show and for Raf's first outing, when you see the hours and hours of finger-bending work that happens behind the scene - well that just gives you a new appreciation for the actual journey.

I loved these photos - I think you will too... tell me, are you about the journey or the destination?

More Image via Vanity Fair here


classiq said...

I'm about the journey, definitely. Be it travelling or a creative project, it's the journey I enjoy the most.

Audrey said...

Yes, when i'm middle in a creative process, i just wanna left alone so i'm able to focus on what i'm doing. For me it's all about the journey, and the destination can be sometimes disappointed. But i hope my journey (and you know what i mean) will be a long one without and end!! ahaha, big laugh right now.
Thanks Helen for your lovely comment and for your feed back, my goodness...even in my sleep i was thinking "have i missed something" xx said...

I wish I could say always "the journey" but I tend, like to, to be impatient. However, life is about the journey and I am so happy when I stop from my daily running to the destination and enjoy that moment...Love these images, I also posted a Dior dress designing process, I so much adore these photos behind closed doors ;) Have a lovely day, Helen :*
PS: Being new follower of your blog, it will be nice to find out more about your design :*

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