Thursday, 26 March 2015

La Vie En Rose

I went furniture hunting last week with a girlfriend and through the mazes of styled 'rooms' and designer stores it struck me how my eye was generally drawn to the neutral dark sofas.

But sometimes one has to throw some caution to the wind right?... that's when I spied this image from Annika von Holdt..

And really, not that I would have a rose coloured sofa in my home but looking around me and with the right autumn light, it probably could work given that I have light walls and neutral surrounds (ie, obligatory black frames, dark floors, white floor lamp, etc)... just

The pooch on the sofa could just cinch the deal for me!  How cute is he?

Nah... I might just play it safe and stick to my favourite boring charcoal... what say you?

Via Automatism

1 comment:

Lisa Hjalt said...

Favourite boring charcoal? I'm guilty of that too ;- ) The styling of this one and the frames in the background looks good. I sometimes wish I was brave enough to buy a coloured sofa like that.

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