Thursday, 7 May 2015

It's In The Bag

How many bags can you fit into your life?  And what's too many?

I tend to find a bag that's roomy enough to stuff my daily life into without being overly large so that I end up stuffing too much and can't lift it off the floor!

A smallish tote, or a largish hobo works well for day; and although I do love a petite little crossbody (like a cute mini Chloe Marcie) it's just not practical for me.  I don't go for metally hardware bits, I do like a cool clutch with a studded detail, but I don't want a suitcase!

Whatever your preference, the perfect sized bag (in proportion to your body size too!) works wonders don't you think?  But what is perfect anyway?

My new See by Chloe handbag fits the bill so far!

Photo by Honor Akrawi
Cora Keegan for Grazia France

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