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Styletalking with Cheryl Weir - Stylist

I was lucky enough to sit down with the gorgeous Cheryl Weir recently over at the GTV9 studios in Docklands.  Cheryl is the Network Stylist in Melbourne and is responsible for the image styling of the on-air personnel on a day to day basis.  

Here is a little of what we spoke about  -

H: How long have you been a Stylist for?
C:  Oh a long time; almost 20 years.  I sound old, don't I?  I always loved fashion and started out (at the bottom of the ladder) at a fashion house.  Whilst doing this I started freelancing in the Wardrobe Dept at Nine; I was 19!  Then I moved more into design, went and lived in London for 3 years.  I did loads of fashion related courses there, and also worked 12hrs a day as a machinist.  Not a glamorous job, but wow I learnt alot!  On my return I started my own fashion label.  Initially selling garments wholesale in Australia/UK/New Zealand.  I was doing the whole thing by myself; designing, pattern-making, cutting, pressing, etc.  It was crazy.  Then I opened my own store in St Kilda, only stocking my label.  Through all of this time, I was still freelancing at Nine.  I was always coming and going over the years.  Eventually after the shop closed 3 years ago, I was fortunate enough to be asked to become Network Stylist here.

H:  What is your main responsibility as Stylist here at Nine?
C:  Managing the whole look of the on-air presenters.  I look after the Wardrobe Dept, and also the Hair and Makeup Department, as it's the complete look that I need to create and maintain.  I'm constantly in stores, liaising with labels and designers, viewing new collections.  I choose pieces that I know the on-air presenters will like, that will suit them, that they will be comfortable in, that will be current and on trend.  As soon as something new comes into the stores, I'm there getting it for someone to wear on air that same day.  I need to keep it modern and current but still realistic and match the context of a particular show. You need great communication skills because when you're dealing with 2 teams of staff (Hair & Makeup and Wardrobe) including freelancers, you need to ensure that everyone is on the same page!  There are also special events like the Logies and Spring Racing Carnival that I also have to style; which is fun!

Cheryl with Elise Mooney and Jules Lund on Logies night
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H:  Once you find a certain look for someone, do you venture away from that?
C:  You want to keep a look fresh and updated.  I am always questioning myself as to how I can make the talent look better.  So its more that you keep working on their look, rather than venturing away from it.  If you were to venture away from their look and try something completely different, it would shock the viewers!

H:  Is it a collaborative process?
C:  Yes, its about communicating with the presenters.  Getting to know the talent and what they like and don't like.  I have a very open and honest relationship with the talent and I would never make someone wear something they don't like.  You can always tell when a person is uncomfortable in their outfit... it shows.

H: What are your style picks for the coming summer?
C:  Pleating, lots and lots of pleating!  It's a big trend for this summer; its so feminine.  I love all the bright, block colours that jump out and pop, especially this season's Orange!  I'm loving the new 3/4 length skirt, which looks fab with either heels, boots or jewelled flip-flops.  I just can't wait for Spring!!

H: Where are your Top 5 places to shop in Melbourne?
C: Carla Zampatti 1104 High Street, Armadale 
    WhoFish 497 Malvern Road, South Yarra  (for Rebecca Thompson pieces)
    Estelle 382 Smith Street, Collingwood 
    Marilena Romeo Millinery High Street, Thornbury (hats, hats, and more hats)
    Green With Envy, 176 Bridge Road, Richmond  (for up to the minute pieces)

H:  Who or what inspires you?
C:  I get inspired by people who have they're own style, that are individual.  I think Rose Byrne is divine and looks beautiful easily.  And I get inspired by lots of travelling too.

H:  Getting back to your travels, what is your top stylish travel destination?
C:  I love travelling.  I can't choose one place.  Don't make me choose!... I love Italy, I just came back from Italy.  But I loved Rwanda too - all that colour.  I have to mention New York and Peru.  I just love the food, the sights and sounds of different cultures.  Is that too much?... I could go on for hours.!

H:  Last question, George Clooney or Brad Pitt?
C:  Oohh,  probably George... is he too old?  Maybe he's too old for me.
H:  Oh, no way, he's not too old.
C:  And besides you'll have to fight Angelina for Brad?
H:  Yes, of course she's pretty fierce...and she can seriously kick butt!

What you might or might not know is that Cheryl is a very busy lady who also spends time as a personal stylist at Chadstone- The Fashion Capital.  You can contact Cheryl with any questions or make a styling appointment on 0408 340 942.

Thanks so much, Cheryl it was great to have a chat and laugh!... baking some chocolate muffins for you this very day!!!



Audrey said...

I don't know her, but I do like to read interviews about fashion, styling, this is a great post.

The Style Schedule said...

Thanks Audrey. Glad you enjoyed the read.


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