Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Home Style, Skylight House, Modern Light & Uncluttered in Sydney

Victorian Terraces are always popular, in Sydney and Melbourne,  both for their proximity to city centres and also for the opportunity to breath new life into them via renovation.  This terrace is no exception.  Designed by Sydney Architects Chenchow Little, this refurb of what's been dubbed the Skylight house with its use of overhead skylights and indoor/outdoor patios, shows that you don't have to have a huge block of land to play with.  Spread over multiple levels, the renovation brings the outside in by using fabulous oversized skylights in the ceilings, tall open voids, and opening up a side area with greenery and mature banksia tree that leads to another living area beyond the kitchen and dining area.  I love the look of the veneered (what looks like) walnut joinery in the kitchen and in the throughout the house and the concrete finishes.  Its all about the open areas seamlessly melding into each other.

Simple, uncluttered, bright and modern.  Quintessentially Sydney!  It was also awarded the Australian Institute of Architects, NSW Chapter Award for Residential Architecture Alterations and Additions this year.

Spectacular light

Massive sliding doors that open to reveal the outside

Love the banquette seating in the kitchen area

My favourite an AJ floor lamp at the bedside
and veneer joinery hiding the wardrobe and storage - seamless!


Anonymous said...

now I'm confused, that last photo, is that the same house?!!

The Style Schedule said...

Yep, its all in the same house. Great isn't it. This is a typical end result for someone who renovates an old Victorian terrace - old shell particularly the front view to the street and then all new and updated on the inside towards the back. Its very unassuming visually when you see it on approach and then enter, and WOW!

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