Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Perfect time for a holiday...Paris

There is always a blur of boundaries were creative enterprises meet - fashion, art, interiors, photography, etc, etc, and I always appreciate the perspective of creatives as they mould their focus from one discipline to the next.

Viewing these 3 apartments, housed in a traditional 17th century building in the Marais district in Paris brought to life by the modern aesthetic of Azzedine Alaia, its interesting to get a glimpse into his interior minds-eye.  Interesting because its something different to what I'd imagine; I would think there would be more seduction, more tacticity, more organic shapes; but instead I find a minimal, modern midcentury slant.  But wait, on close inspection I discover the seduction of the furnishings by Prouve, Newson, Jacobsen, the tacticity of the leather sofas and the organic free flowing space around each object.

After all, as in quintessential Alaia fashion, less is always more!

And how cool is this place - as for the personal touch, breakfast is served from Alaia's private kitchen by his personal chef as his headquarters are next door! Merci Monsiour Alaia.

photo Alexandre&Emilie, Persona production

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