Friday, 11 November 2011

Who's who?

I think, these photos share more than a love of hats on the subject, there is also that striking resemblance don't you think?  It's all in the eyes and those cheekbones.

Faye Dunaway

Kate Moss

Monika Jagaciak by Ellen Von Unwerth
Christian Dior Resort 2012


Anonymous said...

Who is who? You gave away the answers ;-) And I was ready to win!

Have a fabulous Friday girl! (Or is it already another day on your end?)

ECLECchic said...

Oh, three pretty women. The three are a 60's beauty, simple and SO chic. I always specially like F. Dunaway.
Thanks for visiting me, so I am happy to find you. Have a wonderful weekend!

Audrey said...

Oh this is beautiful Helen!

Have a good weekend too!

classiq said...

I don't think anyone wears a beret better than Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde. And Kate looks amazing there too. :)

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