Thursday, 9 February 2012

Rodarte and Fra Angelico

As an art student and modiste, my eye automatically turns to the rendering of textiles, draping, folds, pleating and wrinkles whenever I view artwork at museums and galleries.    Particularly the draping of robes and embellished capes and furs of the Renaissance, right through to the magical explosion of colour and pattern in the still life paintings of Matisse.

And although this exhibition has recently come to and end (earlier this week) I just had to share these pictures of amazing gowns from the Rodarte label which were shown in LA.

Inspired by Renaissance art in particular frescoes by Fra Angelico in the monastery of San Marco, Florence, the collection of exquisite gowns showcases, sculpture, form, embellishments and richness that is often associated with artworks of the Renaissance era.  

The gowns were gifted to the Los Angelos County Museum of Art where they will enter the Costume and Textiles Department alongside over twenty five thousand objects spanning across one hundred cultures and 2000yrs of creativity in textile arts.

If I had to choose, the first gown is my favourite, rose chiffon with an 'breastplate armour' of gold.  How exquisite - those folds, the draping, the form - the perfect modern day entrance maker!  Which one is your favourite?


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful exhibition this must have been! I don't think I can pick a favourite; they all have gorgeous details that lure me in.

PS. Just replied to you on my blog: "agnes b ... that's what it says on the cup, thank you! ;-)"

classiq said...

The work that goes into such exquisite gowns! Would love attending such an exhibition. I still regret I missed out the opportunity to go to the V&A Museum for the Grace Kelly exhibition 2 years ago. I was in London with business for 3 days, but I simply did not manage to squeeze in a visit to the museum. Last year though I visited the Film Museum in Berlin and saw a few of Marlene Dietrich's gowns she had worn in movies, among which a Balenciaga couture creation, I was overwhelmed. xo

Sam said...

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