Friday, 30 March 2012

In The Schedule...

Another week is done and dusted... and a few fabulous days are forecast for us here in Melbourne over the weekend (today was just gorgeous).

Hope you can try and fit these links into your schedule whatever you may be up to-

+  The 'authentic and original' Stella Tennant as the face of Italian shoe label AGL Attilio Giusti Leombruni.   Still gorgeous at 40 years old, possessing 'supreme elegance' and rocking a modern rock chick vibe in their Spring/Summer 2012 campaign!  (I feel another Non-Ageist Style post coming on soon...)

+  Yes, that's Cate Blanchett and yes the photo has not been doctored - there has been no photoshop involved in this cover of Intelligent Life.   A great article on what it means to show a 42 year old celebrity, mother, actress, theatre executive on a cover for the world to see sans technical help.  Well I don't know about you but I see a stunning working woman, strong, independent, talented and dignified.  And a somewhat really cool Jane Birkin vibe going on too...

+  A lovely Fall 2012 RTW collection by Barbara Casasola - having worked at Lanvin and Cavalli, Brazilian born and living in London, showing privately in Paris as of this season.  Confident, tailored, architectural, subtle and strong...the details are in the beautifully finished garments with particular the spliced seams which I just love - and there is absolutely stunning looking cape in the collection!  Oh, and check out the beautiful video too.

+  A gorgeous home on the market (oops, just been sold) in New York belonging to (used to), J.Crew president Jenna Lyons.  (you've probably already seen the photos but they too good not to share again)  I am totally enamoured of that bay window above!

+  And for us Melbournites - the Broadsheet gives us a run down of the best Hot Cross Buns around town - that is to say, the best to buy... as for me I will baking a batch this weekend for the first time because now I will be able to control how much/how little fruit goes into the buns (oh, and absolutely NO peel)!

+  And to end on an Easter note... I too will be dyeing my eggs in the traditional red colour in 2 weeks time (Greek Easter) hoping for a nice deep, glossy finish to add to the table.   And yes they do come out looking the picture on the left with the aid of some flat leaf parsley.  Check out Adventures in Cooking for a diy run through if you're keen to try - using vegetable dyes (brilliant!)  

Do you decorate your own eggs during Easter?  I'd love to know.  Oh The Lovely Things has a great roundup of decorating inspiration for those of you who tend to be hands on.   Perhaps you will try Martha Stewart's gorgeous modern pastel mood like last year (I love these too - I know they've been everywhere...but....)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend - I'm off to take the savoury muffins out of the oven!

PS:  If you're in the mood for a giveaway which features a shopping spree at Shopbop (well who isn't!), then head straight to Ada's fabulous blog Classiq (one of my daily reads) and enter- just the thing to let you pick something new for this season's wardrobe...(I'm thinking shoes, ...or sunglasses, ...or a bag, ... no wait, some jewellery or a coat... )


C said...

OMG! so many links! so little time! LOL!
you had me with these sweets and buns!
Have a fabulous weekend sweetie!

classiq said...

Another round of great links, Helen. WOW, bravo Cate! It is so inspiring to see her natural looking on the cover of Intelligent Life magazine. I only dye the Easter eggs (in red), have never been a fan of decorating them in any other way, but I have to say, those leaf models look so lovely!
Thank you for the mention. :) Have a wonderful weekend! xo

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Cate on that cover. I'm looking at my Harper's Bazaar UK cover right now which is quite heavily photoshopped even though that one is beautiful ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the the good weather!

Neda said...

Cate Blanchett has the most sophisticated, gorgeous, stylish, chicest face on the planet! I definitely want to color my own eggs this year with my son...he is not quite 4 though so I'm sure it'll be messy! Have a great weekend!

Little Rus said...

Loving the photo of Kate very much. It's so wonderful to see a real woman with real tiny wrinkles and pores that add so much charm and character and make her face even more unique and special. x

cathy c said...

Love the interior of the new york apartment.
Tres chic. The bay window very magical.

design elements said...

delicious! love the blue dress! happy new week

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