Thursday, 17 May 2012

Home Style, Lustre & Sheen, London

A nod to mid-century streamlined silhouettes, sophisticated textured wallpaper, glass chandeliers, vases, bowls, lamps and a beautifully elegant dressing room area.  The cool grey, silvery & taupe palette adds to the sophisticated finishes in this gorgeous London home.

I just love an oval dining table and that crystal chandelier with touches of glass throughout the rooms are really elegant and stylish.

And that dressing table below is just the best thing I've seen for a while - simple and streamlined.

More images at the link below.


Audrey said...

This is beautiful! I loovveeee everything in these rooms.

classiq said...

I totally agree, Helen. That dressing table is absolutely beautiful! I like the mid-century influences in this house.

Neda said...

I'm in love with that oval dining table as well-- so chic! I would love to find a table like that one day. And, I love the walls in the bedroom...actually the whole bedroom. :)

Meta Musings said...

agreed, just totally lovely!


Sarah Klassen said...

Oooh, you had me at the dramatics of the very first image—gorgeousness! x

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