Friday, 23 May 2014

In The Schedule

Just spent the afternoon catching up with a friend over coffee and cake... okay, more than one.. cakes! - discussing colourful interiors, fashion, yoga & health, ageing and Pinterest.  Isn't it amazing how much inspiration can be derived from one teeny platform?... pinterest that is... my current time waster.

Here is some more inspiration for the weekend ahead... enjoy.

+  The always elegant and chic, Christy Turlington, discusses her attitudes to ageing and staying healthy... well she's doing something right hitting mid 40's and two kids later don't you think?  Via Harpers Bazaar here.

 +  Some Pink-spiration from the pages of Because magazine... and the colour goes on and on and on...

+ Take a look inside the Jimmy Choo atelier and follow the step by step process of a made to measure service that they just's amazing!  I'll take a size 37 thanks.   Via Vogue here.

+ Just love this cosy home in Melbourne's Fitzroy designed by Carr Architecture.   Now just in case you don't know, Fitzroy is bordered by the City to the south, flanked by fashionable Gertrude Street to the east, sits alongside the lush Fitzroy Gardens to it's west and is a surrounded by the cafe culture of Brunswick street through the middle (not to mention numerous bars, restaurants, homewares stores)... but would you need to wander outdoors when you live here?  How fabulous is that kitchen island... well the whole kitchen actually! via Est Magazine.

+  The always fabulous looking Helena Christensen and her lingerie line for Triumph via Harpers Bazaar here.

+ Have I told you my love for brown rice and quinoa?  Well this dish will certainly be on the menu and at my home during the week, doesn't it look like all goodness to you?... Persian Brown Rice Quinoa salad packed with herbs...via Petite Kitchen here.

+  And finally, a look at how the music culture has influenced John Varvatos; not only dressing musicians like Paul Weller and Iggy Pop, but an avid music fan himself, John sought to capture that mystery, the dash of superhero and the daring man as dark prince with a 'penchant for fine tailoring and biker jackets' in his recent runway collection, paying homage to his fave band, Kiss.  Old rockers keep on rocking... view the video here via Glass Magazine.  

Have a wonderful weekend.!

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