Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Let's Celebrate

What is the perfect age?  Wait, let me re-phrase that, What is Your perfect age?   The balance between energetic youthfulness and measured maturity.  Perhaps it's 27, 34, or 42, or 49...  Would you rather line-free facial features and no ties, or confident, knowledgeable & a few crows feet?  A few laugh lines are commonplace these days but even I gaze admiringly at my 34 year old face in photos;  yes lines have appeared, but I can say, a degree of confidence certainly does come with age.  Confidence and a comfort within your own skin.

Every year we celebrate a birthday, yours, mine, ours; and look forward to another year ahead filled with inspiration and ideas and hope that this will be the year that IT will all come together (if it hasn't already- and let's face it, we are always searching for more!).  'It' coming together is, of course totally subjective, but whether it is a new job, a cool apartment, a longed for sojourn to the other side of the world, the day when you wake up and can confirm that - 'yep, I look good, I feel great, I'm independent and strong, I'm creative & intelligent, I'm loved and loving my family, I'm making a contribution and am valued.'  Sometimes as women we struggle to see the stars have aligned on that day... because usually, that day is everyday!

For me, the perfect age is Now; this very day when you're in the here and now and celebrating every day with your family and friends (yes, that means trying to think what to cook for dinner again!).  So whether you're 22, 33, 44, 55 or 66 - you're happy and healthy well,'s the perfect age regardless of digits.

And we are also seeing a shift in society now where late 30's and beyond is really where it's all happening for the ladies.  Before it used to be, once you hit 40, well that was really it for you - you had to achieve all you wanted to before then otherwise you were not given a second glance.  So mating and reproducing had alot to do with it; and when you jump the 40 fence you were considered in the 'crone' category - ugh!  These days, older models front campaigns for designer brands (Isabella Rosellini for Bulgari & Linda Evangelista for Chanel eyewear), books are being published about the wardrobe styles of mature ladies (Seth Cohen's Advanced Style), and creatives such as Madonna, Vivienne Westwood, Vera Wang, Diane Von Furstenberg, Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Judy Dench & Sonia Rykiel still contribute in their chosen field with brands and businesses growing yearly.

And so the motto is, walk briskly, drink more water, greet everything with a smile, enjoy and celebrate every day, with the wisdom and knowledge of all that you experienced before comes together to make up who are you today and tomorrow.  Is that a little smile of content I see in the corner of your lips?  Go on, enjoy it.

What's your perfect age?  Tell me more...

Image: Illustration by TheStyleSchedule
Inspiredby: Article: The Perfect Age by Katrina Lawrence, Madison Magazine, May2012


classiq said...

Inspiring words, Helen! I can honestly say that confidence comes with age, I feel much better in my skin in my 30th than I used to in my 20s and I've come to appreciate what every single day has to offer and take the good parts in it. I don't lose sight of the bigger picture or forget about my dreams, but I equally embrace the little pleasures and this makes me feel good at the end of the day. xo

Anonymous said...

A little smile? No a big one. Love this post and your illustration. I could have written some of that myself.

The older I get, the more comfortable I feel within my own skin. For me my pregnancies were the magic, I just started to embrace my body after giving birth, even though I added some extra kilos. Those slowly went back off ... luckily, haha.

What I think is very interesting is that fashion magazines don't seem to be catching up with the ageing-with-style philosophy. They are still presenting all the airbrushing crap, where no one has a single line or even a pour. I don't get that.

I have said it before but here's to ageing with grace!

C said...

Sooooo inspiring!
The perfect age is NOW, this very moment. Enjoying our families, our loves and our little ones. Appreciating everything we have, not taking anything for granted and enjoying life as much as we can.
Im 34 and although I have my shallow moments watching fashion magazines or looking for a smaller size to feel better, the truth is Im so grateful to be healthy, loved and alive, I couldnt ask for anything more.
So I hope you have the most fabulous week ever!
lots of hugs from Barcelona!!!!

Neda said...

Beautiful post, Helen! I too feel better now than ever. I'm 38 and I've never felt more love and happiness in my life. I didn't think twice about my age as a factor when starting a new career just a few months ago and I'm actually looking forward to my 40s. I've learned to live in the moment and I laugh so much more now than I ever did in my twenties. More than ever before, I appreciate all that my parents did and continue to do for me and have a better understanding of the big picture. Thanks for this post, Helen!

The Style Schedule said...

Oh you guys... thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I think the 30's are great and the 40's are even better - don't ask me about the 50's cos I'm not there yet - but with a positive attitude and as Lisa said, with grace - ageing is in your mind. Sure the person in the mirror looks a little different each year, but the attitude and joie de vivre is always with us giving us vivacity, charm and a glow from within. Hope you all enjoy your glow! PS: I remember an interview that Audrey Hepburn did on Oprah years ago just before she died - no botox, no peels, no other stuff, just a smile, those beautiful lined eyes and her hair pulled back in a bun - she was just beautiful... Hxo

Rachel {little bits of lovely} said...

I love your thinking on this Helen! Now I'm in my 30s I am much more confident in who I am and am learning so much about myself now. It's almost like my 20s were built for experimentation and fun but my 30s are where its all starting to come together. I think every year you gain wisdom and a greater understanding of yourself which is why each birthday should be celebrated xx

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