Monday, 20 August 2012

Working it

I love the range of chic exercise/gym gear by label Work Out Life and being inspired by the recent Olympics I'm visualizing getting out there and moving it all about (not necessarily on the roman rings, or the gymnastics floor, or the track!).   But, if I were to be a spectator even, my wardrobe would definitely benefit by the addition of some of these fab pieces.

I think it was the extra piece of cake over the weekend that did it for me!

Via Broadsheet mag


C said...

I love the first shirt and the LBD in the end! so cute!
Happy Monday sweetie!

classiq said...

I would like to sport that first outfit when I go for my daily run in the morning. :)

Audrey said...

Oh i like this and those shoes arent bad at all! the outifit in the 5 image is great for the bike.
Have a good week Helenxx

Sarah Klassen said...

These would actually motivate me to get more active—they are fabulous! x

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