Sunday, 23 September 2012

In The Schedule

Take a quick look at these links I found recently ; something for all tastes...

+ Michael Kors is launching a new e-book project in collaboration with photographer Claireborne Swanson Franck celebrating the glamour and laid back elegance of the American woman - of course every woman is wearing richly luxurious Kors outfits from the Fall 2012/13 range at the same time - just gorgeous...  The plan is to release a new e-book showcasing other collaborations every 3 months.  See more pictures here via Destination Kors.  (found via French Vogue).

+ This video featured on NetAPorter with designer Esteban Cortazar and his work.  Bold silhouettes, fluid lines, intricate cut and shape, subtle palette - all create a stunning range of pieces from the ex designer at Ungaro as he talks about the element of performance in his work and his start in fashion.  View here.

+  This gorgeous home in Belgium with its mix of old and new modern... just love it!  Via ShareDesign.

+  Just loved this blog, London vs Paris, where images compare like with like in both cities on the other side of the channel!  Very Cute !

+  Do you bike?  This editorial featured in Design Scene for Velvet Magazine, gives us the stylish option for bike riding ... heels, fancy designer bike, and all!

+  And once you have returned from your bike ride you need a about this delish Honey Semifreddo from Nigella Lawson?   Oh my, is that pine nuts on the top...  just one slice won't hurt right?   Via Nigella Lawson here.  After all, aren't we all a bit Nigelissima's?

Hope you're enjoying your weekend...


C said...

Just one slice, just oooooone!!!!!!!!
My God it looks delicious!
(sorry, thats all I noticed on the post LOL!)

classiq said...

Oh, I love every look from that Michael Kors e-book, Helen! They all look luxurious, but so comfortable too. That's the whole idea, right? That's stylish bike riding, yes, the photo you've chosen is my favourite one. I'd love to wear that texture and colour combination. xo

Anonymous said...

Really like that e-book and I just viewed the flat in Ghent and would consider moving in very soon!

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