Friday, 28 September 2012

In The Schedule

Ah September, did I just blink and miss you?   Seriously I thought August was quick but this September 'spring' means mixing up everything in the wardrobe until you don't know whether you're wearing new season Louis Vuitton broderie anglaise cuteness or 'last' Winter's Isabel Marant Dicker boots?... Nevermind, I'm sure keeping abreast of this week's Paris Fashion week will have me all sorted... um or is that for next season... my summer coming or next year summer...that's 15 months away?  It's so confusing!!!  Ah well, lucky we have the web to source all manner of wardrobe inspiration whether its northern hemisphere fall or southern hemisphere spring.

Speaking of sourcing inspiration, here are few links I stumbled across this week -

+ Check out these stunning outfits by Anne Sofie Madsen.  Having worked at Dior and McQueen you can see the stunning details sit nicely within the artistic aesthetic of those two in those houses.  Images via FGR and more collections via Anne Sofie Madsen's website here.

+  A look a the new Miu Miu Resort 2013 campaign recently shot in New York by Steven Meisel - I love that burgundy kimono style dress on the left!  More images via Fashionologie.

+ If you're a visitor to Paris Fashion Week this year (I wish!)... and you're not quite sure where to go for a drink, a shop, a bite to eat, people to see (other than hanging out the front of show venues) this downloadable i-phone app from Louis Vuitton will help you walk in the footsteps of fashionable types like Sofia Coppola & Christy Turlington and catch up with the cool people.  Users build up a profile of hotspots that you can tap into and follow the in-crowd.  There's a list of more must have apps here via french Vogue.

NB: Now I should say if you're a visitor to Paris Fashion Week this year, and you're reading my humble blog... I am very honoured - and by the way, have a drink for little ole me while you're at it!)  

+  La bella Bellucci... Monica Bellucci swathed in Dolce & Gabbana Haute Couture as featured in a Vogue Italia September 2012... I say, YAY for over 40 year olds everywhere!  More images at Swide, Dolce & Gabbana's zine site.

+  Lets take a look inside this NY loft belonging to stylist to the stars Leslie Fremar.  A stylish lived in home that was decorated with the keen eye of Leslie's friend & client, actress Julianne Moore.  More images via Elle here.

Photo Lily Stockman

+  And lastly, when you've had enough of the hustle and bustle of your noisy city, take a road trip somewhere on the other side of the world - like literally, on the other side of the world for me!  These beautiful images taken by artist Lily Stockman of Big Bang Studio here, on a recent trip to Iceland are sure to mellow you out on no time... they're just beautiful.  Found via A Cup Of Jo.

Enjoy your weekend... I'll be sorting through the wardrobe in vain while I try and figure out what the new season holds in store for me!  Wish me luck. x


C said...

Oh Iceland! My husband and I wanna go there soooo badly! Its our close version of NZealand!
I love all your suggstions though! The Sofia coppola advices for LV are fabulous!

Audrey said...

Oh my Helen, loving the collection of Madsen! such a beautiful photo shoot too! and isn't miss Bellucci a pretty lady, mysterious and so much style. Have a lovely weekend! and i would love to wear a pair of Dicker boots. And happy sorting through the wardrobe, always fun to do and a good excuse to buy new things, don't you think so?

Btw, maybe in time i like to cover one wall in the junk room with all my old prints.

Neda said...

Wow, Anne Sofie Madsen-- what a find. I love your Friday posts, I really do! Have a great weekend! xx

classiq said...

The Monica Bellucci editorial in Vogue Italia is beautiful. Loving the silver shoes in the first photo. xo

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