Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Living Fashionably

I love to take a peek inside fashionable homes - that is, homes that belong to fashion designers to see whether their runway aesthetic translates into their real life (much like wondering whether those fantastic gowns are really wearable in my world!).

Well after viewing this compilation of homes belonging to designers such as Monique L'Hullier, Cynthia Rowley, Gilles Mendel, Andrew Gn and others, it's safe to say that their aesthetic and distinct tastes do easily translate to their every day living.

The glamour details below are to be found in Monique's home - a simple lucite console table, gorgeous metallic sheen of those floor length drapes, an elegant orchid, zebra print cowhide, and a Lillian Bassman photograph - subtle glamour.  For more photos, click through here.

Below, the elegant classic look of Gilles Mendel's home with similar luxe details that can be found a J.Mendel gown.  For more, take a tour via Elle Decor here.

How about this unashamedly pretty dining room belonging to Cynthia Rowley; the wallpaper or even the upholstery on those dining chairs could easily be transferred into a textile for a beautiful flowing dress.  (more prettiness at Cynthia's home here.)

Or the gilt, richly decorated details belonging to designer Andrew Gn's Paris apartment below ( and more here.)  that are commonly found on an Andrew Gn richly embroidered and detailed outfit.

There are more designers and particularly their dining rooms, featured here in these 'pages' of Elle Decor so have a browse.


C said...

Its a bit too much for me, really. I do like a few creative details here and there, but this home is too eclectic.
Have a lovely day there!!!!

Gabrielle @ LookSharpSconnie said...

I think my favorite is Gilles Mendel's home, because I really love the mixture between modern, classic, chic and rustic. The walls being bright orange is such an ethnic touch, as are the zebra rug and rustic dresser.

It seems to have african influence, but then with this really refinement that seems very Western. The mix is really breathtaking.

Love the compilation of shots you've got her e- really expresses your taste nicely . it's ineresting seeing what elements overlap between photos, and what differ.


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