Wednesday, 12 September 2012


A quiet day today, a little less frantic... some time to ponder what happens backstage during fashion week perhaps?.  Then I came across the fabulous portfolio photographer Kasia Bobula via Lotta Agaton.

Wish I was there too!  Aren't they beautiful?

Hope you're enjoying your hump day...

1, Dior Backstage
2, Givenchy backstage
3, At Valentino
4, Elie Saab backstage
5, John Galliano backstage


classiq said...

I wouldn't mind not going backstage as long as I had a seat at one of these shows. :)

C said...

I looooove backstage shots! I feel its even cooler than front row views!

Audrey said...

Hello Helen, such a beautiful moody images. Oh to watch them backstage. Great finds!

Ps.Thanks for your lovely comment friend! I hope you're fine too!xx

Anonymous said...

The backstage photos are always so appealing and yes, I wouldn't mind getting a little peek into what's going on backstage. Or maybe it would just ruin the illusion ;-)

Neda said...

Thank you so much for sharing these! I dare say what fashion week is really about. Can you tell I'm getting tired of seeing the same 8 people photographed on the streets?! :)

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