Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Svelte, Energetic & Glowing

You know when it's a day like it is today (sunny, blue skies, early 20's on the thermometer!- is this Melbourne?), it means thoughts go to getting ready for a spring/summer wardrobe of sleeveless tops, shorts, summer day dresses and using up lots of energy in the outdoors.  But how can we jump from windy, rainy, emergency services last week into down right early-summer this week!

Are you ready for the change in seasons?

If you're looking for inspiration, I loved this image of Christy Turlington and accompanying tips for glowing and suppleness... easy enough right?  Although aimed at anti-ageing tips, the points mentioned are great for on-going maintenance of your health too.  Greens, healthy food, facials, ... (except for maybe for that advanced yoga pose)!

And then I saw this amazing image of Donna Karan looking absolutely stunning!  Again, eating healthy and green, yoga, and looking after mind & body seems to do wonders for Donna.  Isn't she amazing!  Follow her through 24 hours in a day in the life of Donna ... eating her greens must be the key to all that energy! (here)

Speaking of greens, do you do the green smoothie thing?  I've tried it and I quite like it - the key is to really get that blender going on turbo for a good few minutes so that the greens don't taste gritty when you're sipping on the smoothie!  

Want to know more?  Well take a look at this video interview with model Valentina Zelyaeva and NY mag on the merits of eating/drinking raw.   Valentina has more juice and smoothie recipes one her blog here.

I also read up on what's happening over at Sarah Wilsons blog - her sugar free recipes are wide and varied and have you covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I actually, love reading the readers comments too!

Let's not forget our aussie girl, model Miranda Kerr and her blog, KoraOrganics - Miranda is huge fan of clean living, organic products, healthy eating & lifestyle and she walks the talk.  What better advertising can you have?  I just saw a recipe for cheesy zucchini muffins I must bookmark!

And finally, I found that nutritionist Kimberly Snyder's recipe for Glowing Green Smoothie and her tips on eating and living well to be really informative.  She covers recipes, tips on exercising and eating well, meditation, organic skincare & makeup and all sorts of nutrition and health advice.

I love the way discussion has moved away from 'dieting' towards eating well and eating healthy for energy and not for losing weight!  Because lets face it, we're not all going to look like Christy Turlington...but we can enjoy an energetic, svelte and healthy body & mind in the meantime!

Bon Appetit!

Image 1/ via Vogue.com


Rachel {little bits of lovely} said...

The weather is so lovely + warm here too! I'm starting to get into healthy mode in anticipation of summer. I LOVE Kora's range + their blog is pretty great too. That recipe for the cheesy zucchini muffins is delicious! xx

C said...

I am soooo lookig forward for Fall !!!
Ive had enough of summer and heat this year!!!
Winter wardrobe, here I come!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have never got into the habit of drinking green smoothie every day but I have a few that I occasionally mix in the blender. I remember how surprised I was by the good taste when I tasted one for the first time a few years back.

By the way, that yoga pose only looks difficult but it's ridiculously easy, especially if you rest the foot up against a wall. I'm tellin' ya!

classiq said...

I've never understood diets and whenever I heard someone that she/he is on a diet I advised them to better think over their eating habits and lifestyle. I have that image with Christy plus one other from that editorial saved in my files. :)

Neda said...

Perfect timing with this blog post for me...I was looking in the mirror the other day and realized that eating and running is not good for you and it all catches up with your face and body...it's so important to think about your meals and eat greens. Great reminder! xx

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