Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cool Wool

Suddenly as the winds grow colder and stronger and the clouds threaten with rain from above I have a strong urge to pull out everything soft and woolly from my wardrobe (again!- ah Melbourne...).

And these images make the perfect case for it as well.  (I do love the model's hair in these photos... if only mine wasn't so unruly most of the time!)

Images from French Vogue's spotlight on Woolmark.

Hope you're enjoying a warmer start to your week than I am!?

Alexis Mabille

Jean Paul Gaultier 

Alexandre Vauthier


classiq said...

Oh, I love the hairstyle. I want to change mine and this is exactly what I was thinking of. :)

fashionsensitive said...

How lovely is this last picture, the dress is sublime...well, not for a cold weather :D That's my hairstyle now ;)

C said...

Loooove comfy fluffy clothes!
or we could stay under the blanket... right?

Audrey said...

I like the second image Helen. To me it's very stylish and elegant.

lusine said...

so beautiful

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